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About Bridge Apulia

Bridge Apulia is a home inspection company based in Castor, Los Angeles that has been in the business for more than 10 years. Our team of professional, experienced, and certified home inspectors possess not just the technical skills but also the compassion and enthusiasm to deliver outstanding customer service.

Home Inspection Services

We provide the following services to residents in Castor, Los Angeles and nearby areas:

Standard Home Inspection

We can inspect all areas in the home that you want to be inspected, including the exterior, roof, patio, plumbing, attic, foundation, garage, floor, basement, and fireplace. For proper documentation, we take photos and videos of the property during the inspection. Afterward, we create a complete and detailed home inspection report for submission to the client.

End-of-Warranty Inspection

When building your new home, your developer or builder provides you with a home warranty for defects that prop up within the specified time period. Many homeowners ignore this warranty until a problem with their new home arises that has already gone past the warranty period. So the poor homeowner has to take money out of his pocket for the necessary home repairs.


You can prevent such an unpleasant situation by availing of our end-of-warranty home inspection. It is similar to a typical home inspection service—the only difference is that it is performed before your home warranty expires. We will provide your builder with a complete report that specifies all the things that need to be fixed. That way, you can minimize structural defects of your house after the warranty period.

Pool and spa inspection

We can include this service as part of your standard or end-of-warranty home inspection. We can inspect the exterior, electrical connections, heater, pumps, and the decking.


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